Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Trading alt

Yesterday I decided I needed a good way to make some ISK to fund my pirating ways. I opted on creating a trading alternative character on a totally seperate account. This will allow me to train skills on both of these characters at the same time.

As soon as I created Amal Varus (Amarr) I set him on his way in his pod to Jita with a 320m starting fund. I've been reading on how to station trade as well as haul for a living. I must say hauling sounds really cool, the prospect of being a space merchant traversing the stars in a giant industrial ship is very enticing.

I started training my skills towards flying a Bestower. I've read that they are a very good option for Amarr industrialists because of their cargo capacity and low skill requirements.

With my skill training on the right track I put in some buy orders and have started my trading adventure. Right off the bat I can say that increasing/decreasing my order by .01 ISK is getting a bit tiresome, I'll probably start layering my orders to cover both the high and low averages of my item so I don't have to constantly sit in-station resubmitting my orders.

Oxxe Radak (my pirate character) is training to increase his capacitor efficiency. I feel like I need a bit more of a foundation before I start spending big bucks on modules. For now I'll let my skills develop and roam in cheaper fit setups.

I'm feeling a lot more confident in my abilities to handle Eve's game mechanics. When I first came back I was struggling to even find the market button quickly. I'm starting to remember certain little things and it's all going to add up in the future.

At the moment I'm studying a bit of everything for both of my characters. I'm going to be researching a bit more about what the Rifter is capable of as well as more advanced trading techniques for my trading alt.

UPDATE: I'll be moving from Jita to the less competative Amarr for my station trading. I decided I don't want to be spending my entire Eve playing time on updating my orders. I'll test how the market is over there and make my decision if I stay or seek new opportunities later.

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  1. Merlin and Incursus are kind of the new kings of the T1 Frigates since the Inferno changes. I've even managed to kill a badly fit Jaguar with my AB Merlin ^^