Monday, 11 June 2012

First Kill!

To make a long story short I've decided to come back to Eve Online after about a 5-6 month break. The cravings were just too much and I really wanted to continue learning to become a pirate.

I started where I left off, docked in Hek surrounded by my Rifters, scanning ship and salvaging ship. Eve can be very overwhelming to players just coming back from a break. The learning curve is pretty intense and after completely leaving the game for a couple of months I didn't know how easy it would be to reintegrate myself.

I realized after tinkering with the game mechanics for a while everything started coming back to me. With the basic controls in line I wanted to get into piracy as quick as I could. I fitted one of my Rifters with lowly tech 1 modules and headed out to Otou for some hunting.

I got into Otou and remembered I had already set up some safe spots. I clicked on the first one and warped to 0. From there I relearned how to use the Directional Scanner. It was a lot easier to use than I remember, it's mostly common sense.

After a bit of trial and error I found a Thrasher sitting in an asteroid field. I warped to the field a couple of kilometers out to find the Thrasher was engaged with some rats. Now what I should have done already was study my local chat and figure out what type of people I was going to be dealing with. I was a bit too lazy to do this and I really wanted to just get into a fight, win or lose.

I activated my afterburner and headed in his direction. I spammed my warp disruptor not knowing it's working range (I need to study up on optimal ranges again!) and finally got him pinned down. I quickly fell into a tight orbit with all of my modules running. I hit my autocannons and waited for the damage report. Surprisingly I was doing quite a bit of damage to the Thrasher. Within maybe 3 seconds he turned his attention from the rats to me and we were engaged.

The battle lasted a little more than a minute. I realized later that I should probably micro-manage my modules as my cap ran out towards the end of the battle. I also had a Nosferatu equipped that I didn't use at all. The Thrasher ended up popping with minimal damage done to myself!

Link to killmail

I looted what I could and without thinking headed right back towards Hek. What I didn't know was that I was now considered a criminal. As soon as I hit the gate the gate guns took me out and I was left sitting in my pod. I waited out my timer and again stupidly went out to see if the loot was still sitting there. I grabbed a Rifter and as soon as I hit the gate I was gunned down again. I'll remember to always wait out my timers now.

Looking at the pilot he was a fairly new. His estimated SP is about 1.6m (a little more than myself.). I believe this fight was the perfect storm. He didn't seem very experienced in combat and the fight wasn't as intense as others that I've had. This was a great experience to get back into Eve, it gave me a lot of confidence to just go out there and start shooting at things. With a tech 1 fit I really didn't think I'd get far but it goes to show that fits aren't everything. Skill and experience are really huge factors in this game.

My fit was as follows:

1x Nosferatu
3x T1 150mm autocannons

1x 1mn Afterburner
1x Stasis Webifier
1x Warp Disruptor

1x 200mm Rolled Tungsten plate
1x Damage Control
1x Armour Repair


  1. Gratz on your first kill! I'm thinking about going back to EVE myself. Been mostly a carebear mission runner/trader with 5M SP now and pretty standings, so I'm thinking about starting a new PVP oriented toon. I'll be sure to get a few advices from your experiences.

  2. Thanks! Eve is like no other game. The exhilaration you get from shooting at internet spaceships is just too fun to pass up.

    I also started off carebearing a bit but I made a second account (now the only one I play on) for strictly PvP. It's definitely worth it. You can always use your "main" for trading and transporting goods to your PvP account.

  3. I'm on trial now! Amarr because I like pretty lasers. Now doing military career missions for the free goodies & skills. Are you willing to take a (once again) rookie with you? In a few days tops (time to train for AB, scram, web, salvage) I can relocate to your home 20-ish jumps fom where I am now. (in-game Erlang Hanaya). Fly safe!

  4. I recently joined a new Corp that is looking for members. The name is COF Security Holdings. Everyone is very nice and they're willing to take in newbies so if you're interested look them up in your contacts.