Thursday, 5 January 2012

Posting Fits/Minor Update

I'm going to start posting my fits on every combat update after someone had suggested it on one of my entries. I think this will help me understand the benefits and drawbacks of every fit I decide upon and it'll give me experience and a feel for what I want out of my combat experience.

Right now I'm using straight tech 1 fits:

3x 150mm Light Autocannon 1
1x Small Nosferatu

1x Stasis Webifier 1
1x 1MN Afterburner 1
1x Warp Scrambler 1

1x 200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates 1
1x Small Armour Repairer 1

This fit costs somewhere around 360k ISK, a far cry from the tech 2 fits I'll be utilizing in the near future.

I decided on a cheap fit in the beginning because I knew I'd be losing ships at a quick rate. Being only about a month into the game I haven't established a proven ISK making method yet.

This brings me to my next point. I need to start looking for ways to cover costs. I enjoy probing and scanning so I'm thinking about exploration. This will train my lowsec travel and evasion skills as well as my probe tracking skills. I know exploration is hit or miss at times but I feel this is the best route to go.

To close I'd just like to say thank-you to the number of posters that have commented on my entries and gave me tips, they are definitely all being reviewed and taken to heart. Every little tidbit helps so I hope to hear from as many people as I can.


  1. You should really fit a damage control on almost all pvp ships. Especially active armor tanks. This will make your structure an actual buffer and allow you to get a few more rep cycles off before you go poof.

    You may also want to look into some small projectile rigs. They are pretty cheap depending on which ones you get.

    As for money making you can always go looking for t2 wrecks in low sec and salvage those. I usually just add wrecks to my overview and D scan them down. I think all but t2 caldari wrecks have a chance of giving intact armor plates worth ~30M. This will also give you a chance to make safes, scout out systems and get a feel for low sec.

  2. The Rifter has 3 low slots. Never leave a slot open. There are modules that use zero power and CPU but are useful (EG - Nanofiber Internal Structure to increase agility and stuff)

    Fit below is relatively easy to fit and comes in at around 500k. Pretty much what you had

    As quick check you need
    Electronics - 3 (CPU)
    Weapon Upgrades - 2 (CPU)
    Engineering - 4 (power grid)

    [Rifter, Low SP]

    150mm Light AutoCannon I, EMP S
    150mm Light AutoCannon I, EMP S
    150mm Light AutoCannon I, EMP S
    Small Nosferatu I

    1MN Afterburner I
    Stasis Webifier I
    Warp Scrambler I

    Small Armor Repairer I
    Damage Control I
    200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

    Small Projectile Ambit Extension I
    Small Projectile Burst Aerator I
    Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I

    The damage control although an active module it uses zero capacitor but adds 50% to all your hull resistances. So it effectively doubles your hull hit points.

    Also bear in mind Republic Fleet ammo. It adds to the cost, but it gains you DPS. If you do missions for minmatar agents most will let you buy 5000 republic fleet ammo for 2500 Loyalty Points + 5000 standard ammo.

    Download a program like EFT (eve fit tool) or PfFa. Allow you to import your skills and setup ships. Tells you what you need to fly it. It also allows you to set all level 5 so you can see if the fit can even be fitted with perfect skills.

  3. Read up on to get an idea about fits. Try to avoid meta0 and go for meta1/2/3 at least. The costs difference will be minimal but your performance will greatly increase.
    Train armor rep systems to 3 asap. This will allow you to equip a tech2 small armor repper that repairs 33% more than the tech 1 version. The damage control 2 is a little more training but also offers a 20% improvement.
    I also recommend carrying multiple types of ammo. Bring EMP vs shield tanked ships (Caldari usually), Fusion vs armor tanked ships (Amarr, Gallente usually) and Phased Plasma if you're not sure.