Sunday, 1 January 2012

A New Beginning

I wanted to create this blog to document my journey into the unknown that is Eve PvP.

I've done a blog for a couple of games I've played for myself to read over how I've progressed during my playtime. I thought I'd start one for my current game, Eve Online.

The mission is to familiarize myself with the mechanics of Eve's player versus player scene. I will do this through trial and error. I'll buy myself 20 Rifters, the fits will be adjusted on the fly to adjust to my playstyle.

Currently my only source of income in Eve is salvaging level 4 missions. While this may be partially profitable I need a source of income that will cover costs of destroyed Rifters. I've set myself a trial and error style goal to  get into PvP in Eve so I know I'll be losing all 20 of these Rifters quickly. I need to think of something that will cover these costs quickly. I might buy a PLEX and sell it for a quick 400 million but I hate the idea of not earning what I have.

I'll update this blog when I have everything in order.


  1. there is nothing wrong with not earning what you have....son.

  2. Well, after thinking about it a little more I did have to work for the money that I would be spending on the PLEX so I guess in theory I did earn it.

    I'll still have to think about it some more.