Wednesday 2 January 2013

On my own again...

I've built my new computer and downloaded the missing patches needed to run Eve again. It's great to get back into this massive universe!

I don't have any specific plans at the moment other than joining Faction Wars. I've been reading about this feature for a couple of days and apparently it's Eve's way of introducing new players into the PvP scene.

With that in mind I've quit my bitterly dead corporation and have about 7 hours to wait before I can be accepted into the Minmatar militia. My intentions are to get into fleet battles instead of trying to force my hand against much stronger competition.

I've planned out my skills and I'm working towards rounding out my offensive capabilities. Joining FW will give me combat experience with a fleet buffer where I'm not the focus of my attacker's attention. Once I finish up my skill training and I'm satisfied with what I've learned about fleet battles I'll be seeking out a PvP focused corp so if any of you reading this knows a group that'll be happy to have me by all means post it up in the comments section.

That's all for now, I'll have more to come probably within a day.


  1. If you are looking for a great bunch of Minnie PVPers I would suggest looking at some of Ushra'Khan.

    Just keep in mind there is soemtimes a deep rooted suspicion of players in NPC militia regardless of how sincere they actually are. Join a good corp pretty quickly :)

  2. I came across this blog and I love it. As someone who has dipped a toe in EVE numerous times since 2009, I feel like I failed it each time more than it failed me. This time I decided to try out solo piracy PVP. Why solo, when there are so many advantages to being in a corp? In the past, my experience in a corp was that while there were a lot of advantages, I felt like a drop in an ocean in regards to what I could contribute.

    My goal with solo pvp is to learn the hard knocks by getting blown up again and again, learning as I go. I hope you continue posting so I can learn a little something while you do the same.